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Calvin and Tina Tyler Hall

Office of Research Administration

The Office of Research Administration (ORA), formerly known as the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research, has the primary administrative responsibility to provide needed services and support in the University's efforts to obtain external funding. We serve as the central coordinating unit for the University's externally sponsored research activities and projects. The Office of Research Administration also processes, monitors, and facilitates the evaluation of all sponsored research projects to ensure that all grants and contracts are consistent with institutional goals, policies and procedures.

Some of the functions of ORA and responsible officers include:


Link to Responsible Personnel

Grants Submissions:

Ms. Ailing Zhang

Contracts and Subawards: 

Mr. Matthew Lee

Proposal Budget Preparation: 

Ms. Deshun Li

Grant Set-Up and Post-Award Briefing: 

Mr. Ryan Mobley
Dr. Edet Isuk

IRB and Other Matters of Compliance:

Dr. Edet Isuk
Mr. Olatunde Aladesote
Dr. Keyshawn Moncrieffe

Expenditure Approvals:

Ms. Lucy Manyara 
Ms. Shamon Shine-Lee


Dr. Farin Kamangar
Ms. Gillian Silver
Mr. Ryan Mobley
Ms. Rebecca Steiner

Grant Close-Out: 

Ms. Ailing Zhang

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