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Office of Research Administration

Limited Submission

Limited Proposal Submission Guidelines and Procedures

Many funding agencies occasionally place limits on the number of letters of intent, pre-proposals, proposals, or applications that any one university may submit in response to a funding opportunity announcement. To prevent any potential disqualification of submissions by Morgan State University, the following guidelines have been established. These guidelines apply to all grants and contracts including awards made directly to faculty members.

Current opportunities: The Office of Research Administration (ORA) will maintain a web page posting internal submission procedures and deadlines, with links to other university postings of limited submission opportunities. This is in addition to "Funding Alerts" that individual faculty can receive from ORA based on their search criteria.

Last-minute opportunities: If individual faculty or staff become aware of limited submission opportunities not posted through the ORA, they must immediately notify Dr. Farin Kamangar, AVP for Research, and Ms. Ailing Zhang, Senior Grants Manager.

If there is enough time, at least four (4) to six (6) weeks prior to the agency's deadline, an announcement will be sent out to the deans and chairs; normal limited submission program instructions will apply.

If there is less than four (4) weeks prior to the deadline, all proposals received in the ORA will be submitted on a "first come, first served" basis. If any proposals come in after we have reached our maximum number of submissions, those proposals will not be able to be submitted by Morgan.

A. Summary of Proposed Project
Internal proposals must be submitted by 5 p.m. on the internal deadline date. It is the responsibility of the PI to submit the internal proposal information on time and should include:

•   Solicitation number
•   The project title
•   The principal investigators (internal and external) and their affiliations
•   A budget estimate (in a format of your choice, does not need to be reviewed by the ORA)
•   An accurate description of required source of funds for a limited submission proposal, documentations
•   A project summary
•   Curriculum vitae (CV)

Submit to: Dr. Farin Kamangar, AVP for Research, and Ms. Ailing Zhang, Senior Grants Manager

This should be 1-2 pages (the CV does not count towards the page limit). Principal Investigators may also attach additional supporting information, but it is not required.

B. Selection of Projects
1.  If there are fewer internal applicants than the number of proposals that Morgan can submit, all internal applicants shall automatically be selected as the Morgan candidates. After the deadline, additional applicants can be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis through application to the Office of the Research Administration

2.  If the number of internal applicants equals the number of proposals that Morgan can submit, all will automatically be selected as the Morgan candidates and no further applicants will be considered.

3.  If more than the allowed proposals are received, the Assistant Vice President for Research Administration Farin Kamangar will convene an ad hoc committee to select the project(s) to be submitted on behalf of the University.

Selection Criteria to be used by MSU internal reviewers

•   Relevance to the University's research objectives
•   Responsiveness to the program guidelines and sponsor's review criteria
•   Intellectual merit of the proposed project
•   Appropriateness of the researcher or research team to the proposed project
•   Presentation of the project
•   Assessed overall best chance of success in the external competition

C. Full Proposal Submission
PIs/PDs of descriptions selected will be advised to submit letters of intent, pre-proposals, proposals in accordance with sponsor guidelines through ORA following normal submission procedures including the Internal Routing Form and other required submittal documents.

D. Resubmission
If a proposal is submitted for a limited submission opportunity and is not funded, that proposal will have no preference over other projects in any subsequent limited submission opportunities.

In order to be considered for any subsequent limited submission opportunities, such proposals must be resubmitted through the established selection process, and will be evaluated against competing projects. However, failure to submit a full proposal after a selected letter of intent may result in exclusion from consideration for any limited submission opportunity immediately following.

E. Failure to Submit Full Proposal(s)
If a researcher/faculty member(s) requests permission to submit a "Limited Proposal Submission" -- and subsequently neglects to meet the deadline -- thereby resulting in no proposal submission(s) on behalf of the university, said researcher/faculty member(s) will not be considered for the next year submission. However, they will be considered for subsequent year submissions, and the Assistant Vice President shall notify the deans and relevant chair(s) if a selected candidate fails to submit a proposal to the program in question.