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holmes hall on the academic quad

Center for Academic Success and Achievement


The Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA) is designed to promote better academic success among MSU students in terms of academic progress and retention. CASA has focused its energies around developing a structured operational and strategic plan to support the mission, vision, goals of the university. The Center provides a range of services whose goal is to reach students where they are and provide a bridge to where they want or need to be academically and socially. The Center's services include: the CASA Academy Program, the First-Year Student Program, the Resource/Tutoring Center, an advising unit for CASA Academy students and exploratory students (students with undeclared majors), and the development of a strengths-based education program. In the Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA), our highest priority is meeting the educational needs of our students. CASA represents a space where intellectual stimulation occurs and where students, faculty, and staff can meet to engage in dialogue/activities in a way that reciprocal learning occurs and one's knowledge is enhanced.


The Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA) strives to provide a welcoming, engaging and inclusive intellectual learning community where students gain knowledge of the fundamental study, social, and technological skills necessary for growth and academic success at Morgan State University. The Center strives to promote greater success through improvement in students' efforts, sense of purpose, scholarship, responsibility, accountability, personal pride and service to the greater community.

Morgan State University reserves the right to provide some or all instruction and related academic activities through alternative methods of delivery (other than face to face), including remote/online delivery. It also reserves the right to change the method of delivery before or during any academic term in the event of a health or safety emergency or other circumstance when it determines that such change is necessary or in the best interests of the campus community. Tuition and fees will not be reduced or refunded if the University changes the delivery method during any period or all of an academic session.