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Office of Diversity & Equal Employment Opportunity

Title IX

Commitment To A Safe And Supportive Community

Morgan State University is committed to maintaining an academic and working environment where all individuals feel safe and are free to develop intellectually, professionally, personally, and socially.  Such an environment must be free from all forms of Prohibited Conduct and Sexual Harassment (“sexual misconduct) and Retaliation.  Sexual misconduct includes incidents of sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship violence, stalking, gender harassment, sexual coercion, sexual exploitation, and sexual intimidation.

The University encourages the reporting of allegations of sexual misconduct and will take steps to respond in a prompt, thorough, fair, and impartial manner.  

Please see the University’s Sexual Harassment and Prohibited Conduct Policy for definitions of terms and additional information.  The Policy is available on the University’s Title IX page.

Students, faculty, and staff who violate this Policy may face disciplinary action up to and including expulsion or termination from the University.

University Definition Of Consent

Consent is knowing, voluntary and unambiguous agreement, affirmatively expressed in mutually understandable words or action, to engage in a specific sexual activity.  Consent must be obtained, voluntary, affirmative, and ongoing.  Consent cannot be inferred by:

  • Silence, lack of resistance, or absence of a verbal “No” or “Stop”
  • The existence of a current or prior dating or sexual relationship between the individuals

Consent to one form of sexual activity or with one person does not automatically imply consent to other forms of sexual activity or with another person.  Consent cannot be obtained from someone who is incapacitated. 

Obtaining Help And Support

Your health and safety are of primary importance.   If you experience sexual misconduct:           

  • Find a Safe Place
    • In an emergency, call (443) 885-3103 or 911
    • Don’t wash your body, change your clothes, use the restroom, or brush your teeth
  • Seek Medical Attention
    • University Health Center can perform an exam and provide treatment
    • Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore City can perform a forensic medical exam.
    • The University an arrange transportation for those wanting a forensic medical exam.
  • Obtain Confidential Support
    • Confidential resources on campus include the University’s Counseling Center and Chapel.
    • Confidential resources in the community include TurnAround, Inc; House of Ruth; and MCASA.
    • A complete list of confidential resources can be found on the Title IX website

Reporting Options

You have the right to report sexual misconduct to law enforcement. In case of an emergency, or if you wish to file a report with police and pursue criminal charges, contact:

Morgan State University Police Department
Emergency: (443) 885-3103
Non-Emergency: (443) 885-3100

Baltimore City Police Department
Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: (410) 396-2444

You may also file a complaint of sexual misconduct with the University’s Title IX Coordinator.
(443) 885-3580

The complaint form can be accessed at the University’s Title IX page and completed online.

You may request that your report remains confidential or that the University not take formal action.  The University will take this request into consideration with its obligation to provide a safe, non-discriminatory environment.  These requests may limit the University’s ability to investigate and/or pursue disciplinary action against the person accused of sexual misconduct.

Supportive Measures

Even without making a formal report, the University may implement appropriate and reasonable supportive measures to enhance safety.  Supportive measures include:

  • No Contact Orders
  • Access to Counseling
  • Work, Academic, and/or Housing Accommodations

 Please refer to the Policy for more information on supportive measures.

Responding to Disclosures

Even though you may not be a mandatory reporter per University policy, your response to a disclosure from a student or colleague should create a safe environment that encompasses Morgan State University Core Values. The following guides will help you accomplish this.