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Board of Regents

Morgan State University is governed by the Board of Regents, a 15-member board, as established under Title 14 of the Education Article, Annotated Code of Maryland. The Governor of Maryland appoints Board members for five-year terms, except for the student regent who is appointed for a one-year term. The Board appoints the University President, who serves at the pleasure of the Board. The Board also sets admission standards, reviews and approves university policies, budgets, and establishes the regulatory framework within which the individual units operate.

Special Meeting of the Board

The Morgan State University Board of Regents will hold a special meeting on Monday, October 3, 2022, at 7 p.m. via zoom [] or dial-in by phone 1-301-715-8592 | Webinar ID: 929-0139-0725. The Board will convene in Public Session to consider the minutes of August 2, 2022 and final approval of the MEDCO Phase III Tower 2 Financing. The Board will then vote to convene in Closed Session. In Closed Session, the Board will discuss the Office of Legislative Audits (OLA) Report and Campus Safety, which are matters specifically exempt from public consideration under § 3-305(b)(1)(7)(8)(10)(12) of the Open Meetings Act. The Board may reconvene in Public Session at the conclusion of the Closed Session, if necessary.