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The Office of Residence Life & Housing

How To Apply For Housing

***Please be advised that the current housing and meal plan cost are subject to change.*

Before You Get Started


  • Your username and password (The first part of your Morgan email address in lowercase. ex. chjon2. your email password)
  • A valid Credit/Debit Card (No payment will be taken at this time)
  • Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox browser
  • There is a 15 minute time limit on the application.  If you receive an error, and cannot continue, please close the application and reselect the application link.

Apply For Housing

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Access the Student Housing Portal" located on the right column under the blue "Additional Links" section.
  3. Log in to the student housing portal using your University email address and password. Remember that your username is all lowercase ending after the number in your address. Your password is the same password used for your email. 
  4. Please select your respective application link. If you receive an error message, please contact our office at
  5. While completing your housing application, you will select four (4) building preferences, provide roommate compatibility information, and pay your $200 nonrefundable application fee.
  6. Remember, your application has not been submitted until you have clicked on the big red finish button at the end of the application. You will not be able to changing meal plans (if applicable), or will be assigned housing without completing this step.

Special Note: The Office of Residence Life and Housing is committed to helping all students achieve academic success to the best of our ability. Keeping in line with our mission, we are implementing a new living-learning environment that will help us better serve students that are currently not meeting academic standards.


A Message From the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Dear Parent, 

Please know that when it comes to you and our students, Morgan State University is committed to transparent and clear communication. Recently, President David K. Wilson conveyed Morgan’s plan to renovate existing housing and build additional housing over the next several years. A goal of this plan is to provide sufficient living and learning spaces on campus to accommodate our growing new student population and to support an increased number of returning students on campus. Our record enrollment growth over the past two years has required that we reserve the greater portion of our on-campus residential spaces for incoming freshmen. We anticipate, however, having sufficient upper-class student housing in our inventory of university-managed off-campus properties. In the event that you may have any concerns regarding your student’s transition to university-managed off-campus housing, please allow the following to lessen any potential reservations you may have:

  • Each university-managed off-campus property has a complement of security services provided by Morgan State University or its embedded security services provider,
  • The Office of Residence Life & Housing provides the same level of staff oversight as it does for on-campus properties (Resident Directors, Resident Assistants, and Desk Attendants),
  • Our university-managed off-campus properties support the natural maturation and progression of our students in an apartment style environment,
  • Direct transportation services are provided to and from these facilities and the campus on a routine basis with easy-to-access schedules posted online,
  • Selecting a meal plan is optional for students living off-campus,
  • Academic support services are available, either virtually or in person, for students living in university-managed off-campus housing,
  • Off-campus students have the option to remain at the property over the holiday break,
  • Internet, cable television, transportation, and other facilities-related amenities are provided at off-campus housing sites, and
  • Financial aid assistance is available for students to utilize in paying for university-managed off-campus housing just as it is with on-campus housing.

We strongly encourage all students to apply for housing as soon as possible. The earlier a student applies, the greater the probability that they will be assigned to one of the four housing options they selected on the application. A timely application submission is also important to avoid being placed on the housing waitlist. Additionally, it is imperative that students and parents closely follow all instructions provided when completing the housing application. To receive a timely notification of your student’s check-in day and time, students should make satisfactory financial arrangements to include tuition, fees, room, and board as soon as possible

Lastly, students are required to be registered full-time (12 credits). Addressing each one of these requirements as soon as possible will better result in having a positive outcome throughout the housing process. Moving forward we will continue to communicate important information about the housing process to our students and parents via our department’s websites, direct emails, and social media. Below, please find important links related to a quick and timely completion of the housing process:

  1. The Office of Residence Life & Housing
    1. Housing Application Instructions
  2. Office of Financial Aid
    1. How To Apply For Financial Aid
    2. How To Review The Award Letter
    3. Types Of Aid
    4. Parent Plus Loan
    5. Institutional Aid
  3. Office of the Bursar
    1. Schedule Of Tuition And Fees
    2. Payment Plans
    3. How to pay online
  4. Office of the Registrar
    1. Academic Calendar
    2. Priority Registration
  5. Billing FAQ

We look forward to partnering with you to ensure a smooth housing process for your student.


Kevin Banks, Ed.D.