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Information Technology

DIT Service Catalog

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Accessibility (Assistive technologies)

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Password management, network access, and identity management

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Classroom AV

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Communication & Collaboration
Institutional communication and collaboration needs including email, calendaring, telephones, video/web conferencing, web content management, and group messaging: Google Mail, Calendar, & Groups.

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Computer Labs & Printing

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Computing Services
Hardware, software installation, computer labs, printing, and cloud storage options:

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Consulting & Training
Online training, consulting/advisory services, online forms creation

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Enterprise Data Management and Reporting

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Help, Support & Training

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Network Connectivity

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Security services that ensure data access controls, security, stewardship, integrity, and encryption:

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Software Library Glossary of IT Terms

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Technology for Teaching & Learning
Instructional technology tools, and resources supporting teaching and learning including learning management systems, instructional design, lecture capture, and other academic tools for faculty and students:

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Telephone & Mobile Phones


Find an accessible version of our service catalog here