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DIT Information Systems Security Office

DIT Information Systems Security Office

About Us

The Information Systems Security Office (ISSO) is here for Morgan State University and its community. We are charged with securing the information technology assets throughout the University, including those who use these resources. Each member of the team brings decades of IT experience. We continue to challenge ourselves and our colleagues in incorporating information security into all they do. We take security very seriously.

But the reality is that we cannot do it alone. We believe IT security is everyone's responsibility. Much like driving a car, drivers, or users of IT resources, must operate the machines in safe manner. While we do not need driver's licenses to surf the information superhighway, we do need to be aware of the dangers and internet etiquette. It takes a village to secure a village!

DIT Policies, Standards & Guidelines:  Visit www.morgan.edu/DITpolicies

cyber security logoSecurity Workshops:

Facebook: The Hack & Beefing up of your Security
When:  Wed, October 24, 2018
With 30 million users "hacked," people are posting on Facebook. What really happened? How can a user improve their security? Join Morgan State University's Chief Information Security Officer to help answer these questions.

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Cybersecurity - Facing the Nation's Challenges Together

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Monday, November 19, 2018, 4 to 6 PM
University Student Center First Floor Auditorium

The Division of Research and Economic Development (D-RED) and the Division of Information Technology (DIT) invite you to hear NIST's very own Donna Dodson.  Mobile networks, cloud computing and big data are not only today's tech catchwords; they are shaping tomorrow's innovation. These digital technologies are influencing all aspects of our lives. This shift in computing both provides opportunities and leads to challenges in security and privacy. Donna Dodson will discuss the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST's) work to develop security and privacy best practices to protect information in these environments. She will describe NIST partnerships in cybersecurity research and applied engineering to support technologies including IoT, identity management, cloud computing, mobile devices and data analytics. 

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Relaxed security:  

Ever drive home after a long day and not remember how you got home. It's not that you were driving illegally or incorrectly. You were driving safely, keeping your eyes open and watching for those hazards that may present themselves, but, you were doing this subconsciously. This is relaxed driving. Relaxed security is like this. By getting to a point where you are using security methods unconsciously, you are practicing relaxed security. This is how we envision all of you "driving" the information superhighway.