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Information Technology

Phone Services

Communications Technicians provide wired telephone services for students, faculty and staff. These services include supporting installations and ongoing maintenance/repair for those systems and associated telephone instruments.

rainbow logoRainbow - Rainbow is a cloud-based telephony collaboration service that will empower us all to connect and collaborate with colleagues, business contacts (such as vendors), and stakeholders (students/families).  Learn more.

Rainbow Phone App - Help

(Faculty and Staff Only)

E911E911 stands for Enhanced 911, which is a service that automatically transmits a caller's phone number and registered physical location to emergency services. This allows emergency services to quickly locate and respond to the caller's needs. Learn more.


For problems with phone equipment or telephone lines, contact the Service Desk at or visit to submit a ticket. Please include all of the following information when submitting your service request:

• Extension of the phone in question
• Description of the problem 
• Building, room, and department where the phone is located
• Main departmental extension 
• Contact person’s name and extension


New Phone Service 
Requests for replacement/new telephone equipment and associated services should be submitted to the Service Desk following these steps:

  1. Determine what equipment and or services are needed.
  2. Review the Phone Charges Pricing List to determine your desired service(s) and associated cost(s). Consult with your budget manager and obtain approval from your department head.
  3. Submit your request to the Service Desk by submitting a ticket at or contact the Service Desk (

Desktop phone services include, but are not limited to:

  • Purchase a new or refurbished desktop phone
  • Add, move, or change existing desktop phone service
  • Replace your desktop phone handset or battery
  • Change monthly desktop phone services - local, long distance, or international
  • Request special programming for analog phone lines
  • Request configuration, testing, and monitoring of voice and telecom systems
  • Add a new fax line/number