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Canvas for Students

Morganites, welcome to Canvas!

Log into Canvas: Use your Morgan user name and password to log in!

Learn Canvas Canvas, The Student Experience video:  This video will show you how to set up your Dashboard, Notifications, and navigate your course.  Also demonstrates how to access the Syllabus, take quizzes, submit assignments, check grades, and view content pages. 

Join: Canvas Student Information Hub -  Learn how to use Canvas, get Canvas updates, and more!

Need Help using Canvas?  Canvas support is available to you 24/7/365!  The following are also accessible after you log into Canvas. See the HELP button on your Global Navigation.

Recommended Browsers for Canvas

NOTE: Chromebook Users:  Use your Chrome browser to access Canvas. Using the app does not give full functionality...such as submitting assignments or taking tests.

Get the Canvas Student App - available for Android and iOS.  Search Canvas Student.  Our school is listed as Morgan State University or

FAQ for Students

I don't see a current course in Canvas, what should I do?

Click on the Courses button on the Global Navigation Bar, then ALL Courses.  You should see a list of all courses you are registered for.  Only published courses for the current semester display on your Canvas Dashboard. You will be able to determine a course's status from the All Courses screen.  (Note, see WebSIS/Canvas sync times below).

I've registered for a course in WebSIS, when will it appear in Canvas?

Canvas and WebSIS synchronize every day at 6:00 AM, 12:30 PM, 5:00 PM, and 11:00 PM.  If you have registered between these times, please check after the next scheduled synchronization time.  Your instructors must publish their Canvas course to make it available to the class.  Please contact your instructor to inquire if the course has been published.  If the course has been published, and you still do not see it on your Canvas Dashboard, double-check your WEBISIS schedule to make sure you are officially registered.

I've dropped a course in WebSIS, but I still see it in Canvas -- what should I do?

Canvas will pick up your schedule change when it synchronizes with WebSIS.  Please see the times listed above.

I want to view a course from a previous semester - how?

As long as the instructor has not concluded a course, you can access it in "view only" mode.  From the Global Navigation Bar, click Courses > All Courses. Scroll down to "Past Enrollments" and click to access a course.  You can also download a .zip file of your assignment submissions from the Global Navigation Bar > Account > Settings > Download Submissions.

How can I find out the current status of Canvas?

Canvas Status check is available through the HELP button on your Canvas Global Navigation.

How can I check my Grades in Canvas - How can I run a "What if" Analysis on my Grades?

Check your grades

Run a WHAT IF Analysis