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Rainbow - Rainbow is a cloud-based telephony collaboration service that will empower us all to connect and collaborate with colleagues, business contacts (such as vendors), and stakeholders (students/families).  Learn more.

Rainbow Help Center

Rainbow supports Unified Communications & Collaboration services. Via a web-link, Rainbow can be accessed on desktops and tablets. Smart-phones and tablets running the Android or IOS operating system can access Rainbow, via the required downloadable app.

Most importantly, Rainbow is connected to our in-house (MSU) campus phone system. Via the web-URL interface or the app for mobile devices, you will have the ability to utilize and share your assigned business phone extension number (for example x-443-885-3062) as your primary (& remote) visible number when utilizing this cloud-telephony service. So whether you're making or receiving a call, as long as you are using your Rainbow account, your phone number's (caller ID) identity will be your Morgan assigned extension.Rainbow can also provide the following telephony features:

  • Call log history
  • Second call management (hold, transfer, 3-way conferencing, call forwarding)
  • Voicemail (visual notifications, and call-to-check capability)
  • VoIP calling to public and private phone numbers
  • 4-digit dialing capabilities to Morgan's PBX extensions
  • Any device (choose and control a desk-phone, tablet, or cellphone)
  • Phone presence

If you would like to start using Rainbow please contact the Service Desk to enter a ticket using one of the methods below:

The following information is needed for the ticket: 

  • full name
  • email address
  • phone extension
  • department (optional)