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Information Technology

WEPA @ Morgan State

WEPA Printing & Scanning available in multiple locations accross campus.

Wepa (Wireless Everywhere, Print Anywhere) is a cloud printing environment available across a network of touch-screen printing & scanning kiosks. This initiative brings the latest innovations in distributed printing services to the Morgan State University campus:

  • Multiple kiosks are available across campus to allow students to print directly from lab computers, personal smartphones, laptops or desktops, USB flash drives, email, Wepa Mobile App, Google Drive, Canvas, and web uploads via  
  • Install WEPATM print drivers onto your personal laptops/desktops. 
  • Upload your documents to the cloud from anywhere that internet service is provided via the WEPATM website. Simply login using your Morgan account/password and upload your document.  Once the document is in the cloud, simply go to any WEPATM kiosk and print.
  • Download the iOS or Android WEPA Print App to your personal mobile device. Upload your document to the app from the convenience of your phone then release your documents from any available print kiosk.
  • Multiple payment options are available, including your Morgan State University BEARcard, your WEPATM account and WEPATM print cards, as well as personal credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, and Venmo.


Earl S. Richardson Library - 1st Floor - 2 WEPA kiosks in computer lab room 118

Earl S. Richardson Library - 1st Floor 1 WEPA kiosk near computer lab room 117

Earl S. Richardson Library - 1st Floor - 1 WEPA kiosk with scanner in Room 120 (Quiet area)

University Student Center - 1st Floor - WEPA kiosk next to Information Desk

Tyler Hall - 2nd Floor - WEPA kiosk in main lobby area

Blount Towers - 1st Floor - WEPA kiosk in main lobby area

Calloway - 1st Floor - WEPA kiosk with scanner in main lobby area near ATM.

Banneker Hall - 1st Floor - WEPA kiosk in lounge area near vending machines

Communications Center - 2nd Floor - WEPA kiosk in 2nd floor lounge area

Mitchell Hall - 1st Floor - WEPA kiosk with scanner in computer lab room 140

O'Connell Hall - Main level, lounge area

Portage - 2nd Floor - WEPA kiosk in computer lab room 216

School of Business & Management - 1st Floor - WEPA kiosk in computer lab room 120

Behavioral & Social Sciences Complex (New Jenkins) - 1st Floor - WEPA kiosk near vending machines

Marble Hall Garden Apartments - Computer lab - 1st Floor - Main entrance

About WEPA

Pronounced wee-pah, WEPATM is an acronym for "Wireless Everywhere, Print Anywhere." WEPATM is a breakthrough in wireless printing technology, using "cloud computing" to upload documents and send them via the web to WEPATM "touch-screen" kiosks where students can then print their documents. This cloud printing service was developed to meet the needs of schools and students by providing a user-friendly service and convenience that keeps students from being confined to a lab or library - the typical places that printers are found. WEPATM kiosks can be placed anywhere (labs, libraries, dorms, cafeterias, etc.) to print documents and serve the printing needs of students.

Registering with WEPA

WEPATM registration is synced to your Morgan State University login credentials, and in most cases registration is automatic. To manually register, you will need to visit the WEPATM website to complete the registration. Registration requires a MSU email address. For MSU guests who do not have an MSU email address, a WEPATM account can be created by visiting

Paying for your WEPA Printing

Morgan State University BEARcard: You may pay for your printed documents at the WEPATM kiosk at the time of printing using your BEARcard (listed as Campus Card on the kiosk).

WEPATM Funds: You may access funds deposited on by using either a job release code or your MSU BEARcard at a WEPATM kiosk. To check your balance or add more funds, visit

Personal Funding Accounts: You may alternatively use your personal credit card, debit card, Paypal, Venmo, or ApplePay accounts.


Black & White, Single-Sided: 12¢
Black & White, Double-Sided: 15¢
Color, Single-Sided: 50¢
Color, Double-Sided: 95¢

Click for more information on depositing funds into your print account.

Print Support

Visit for all of your support needs.