Alumni Email


Morgan Alumni Email -- Yours for Life

Congratulations, Morgan Graduate, you're an alumni.  You now have a Morgan Alumni email account that's yours for life. 

Log into your  Alumni Email:

About your Alumni Email Address:

Your Alumni Email Address is:

Your new Alumni email account will replace your current MSU student Google email account. If you re-enroll at Morgan within the 180-day period, your current student email account will remain in tact and you will still have access to your Alumni email account.

After 180 calendar days from the date of Commencement, your current University student email account will be suspended in accordance with our procedures. This includes all Google Apps -- email, calendar, cloud storage (Google Drive), etc. 

Alumni Email Account User Name:

You should have received your user name in an email from the DIT Service Desk, as well as in a letter from the Alumni Office.  If you do not know your user name, contact the Office of Alumni Relations, 443.885.3015.

Initial Password:

Please use the following format for your initial Alumni email password:

First initial of your first name capitalized + first initial of your last name in lowercase + your 8-digit Student ID

Example: John Doe, Student ID#01234567 would be Jd01234567

Transfer your Student Morgan Email (Optional):

You may transfer your old Morgan email in-box messages to your new Alumni Account.  If you need assistance or have questions, you may contact the Morgan Service Desk at 443.885.4357; assistance will be provided up to 30 days beyond your graduation date.

Video: How to Transfer your Morgan Email to your Alumni Email Account

PDF:  How to Transfer your Morgan Email to your Alumni Email Account

Change/Manage your Alumni Email Password:

Your Alumni email password will not expire. If you would like to change your password, click on the avatar in the top right corner, choose "My Account" select "Sign in and Security" and then "Password."