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Actuarial Science Program

Degree & Continuing Education Options

Program Mission:

Actuarial Science is a discipline that uses probability, statistics, and other mathematical methods to assess risk and its financial impact. Finance, economics and computer science are also important components of actuarial study. Actuaries, who must pass a series of rigorous professional exams to be fully credentialed, find employment with insurance companies, banks, government agencies, investment houses, consulting firms, and many other kinds of organizations.

The mission of the Morgan State University Actuarial Science Program, recognized and approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission, is to increase the number of highly qualified students, especially among underrepresented populations, entering careers in actuarial and actuarial-related fields.

For Morgan State University students,
the Actuarial Science Program offers the following degrees: 

For those exploring a career change, the Actuarial Science Program offers a continuing education pathway (send an email to learn more):  

  • Actuarial Science Certificate
    (an ideal fit for career changers, especially for those that completed at least two semesters of college-level calculus)

The curricula for the degree programs include courses covering the learning objectives for the preliminary actuarial examinations in Probability (Exam P), Financial Mathematics (Exam FM) and Investment and Financial Markets (Exam IFM).  Exposure to subject matter required for examinations in Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics (Exam LTAM) and Short-Term Actuarial Mathematics (Exam STAM) is also provided. Courses approved by the Society of Actuaries to fulfill Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) credits in accounting and finance, statistics, and economics are also offered.

Full and partial tuition scholarships are available for students who qualify. The Program includes extensive prep for actuarial exams and valid internship experiences.