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Actuarial Science Program

Is Actuarial Science For Me?

Who Should Be An Actuary, and How Important Is Mathematical Aptitude?

Most individuals are first attracted to the actuarial science profession as it provides them with an alternative option to graduate school in which they can explore and apply their various mathematical skills. Even though, mathematics is the foundation of a strong actuarial science education, actuaries are, first of all, business men and women who need broad-based business and project management and communication skills.

To find out whether your aptitudes and interests make you a good candidate for an actuarial career, take this short quiz:

  • Are you an above-average student who enjoys learning?
  • Do you excel in your mathematics courses?
  • Are you an inquisitive and curious person?
  • Do you like to strategy games?
  • Do you enjoy explaining things to people?
  • Do you like writing? Do you like talking with people?
  • Are you interested in historical, social, legislative and political issues?
  • Would you describe yourself as a self-motivated achiever?
  • Do you enjoy working with computers?
  • Do you have an interest in business and financial issues?

If your answers are yes, consider becoming an actuary.


This quiz was adapted from the Skills Quiz presented on