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Actuarial Science Program

Undergraduate Students

In addition to meeting the requirements of the University, in General Education and in the major, in order to qualify for graduation students must:

  • Complete six (6) credits in the Complementary Studies Program required of all majors in the School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences (SCMNS)
  • Pass the Senior Departmental Comprehensive Exam
  • Take all of junior - and senior - level actuarial science requirements in the Major at Morgan State University (unless granted prior written permission by the Dean of SCMNS to take courses elsewhere)
  • Earn a cumulative average of 2.0 or better and a major average of 2.5 or better, with no outstanding grades below "C" in the major (which includes all courses required for the major and required supporting courses)
  • Complete all Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) requirements for Applied Statistical Methods, Corporate Finance and Economics
  • Sit for at least one of the Society of Actuaries' examinations before graduation.
  • Prepare and present a senior thesis on an insurance/actuarial science-related topic that will be conducted under the supervision of a qualified faculty member and/or professional actuary. Students will give an oral presentation of their research to the Mathematics Department and School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences. Students may be able to substitute their senior thesis for a full technical report and presentation on an internship experience where students were immersed in the capacity of an actuarial science analyst or job-specific trainee


Upon successful completion of this four-year program, the student is awarded the B.S. Degree in Actuarial Science/ Mathematics (with concentration in Actuarial Science) by Morgan State University.