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Actuarial Science Program


General Program Information

  • The designed curriculum and framework for the actuarial science program was implemented in Fall 2008 and approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) in Spring 2009.
  • Morgan State University is the only HBCU in the nation that offers a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science in addition to a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a concentration in Actuarial Science as well as a minor in Actuarial Science.
  • The actuarial science programs is also actively engaged in various high school outreach initiatives through the year. Namely, the High School Shadow Day and the Summer Academy of Actuarial and Mathematical Sciences (SAAMS) sponsored by the program. These two high school programs recruit students from urban populations with interests in mathematics and the sciences to increase awareness about the actuarial science discipline ensuring student have the requisite skills in Math and Computer Science to succeed in this career.

University Student Demographic Information

Non-traditional students:­ Students who are older than the typical undergraduate college student (usually aged 18-25) who are training for a career change.

Variable Descriptor N=27
Variable Sex Descriptor Male N=27 15
Variable Sex Descriptor Female N=27 12
Variable Residency Descriptor In-state (MD-US) N=27 17
Variable Residency Descriptor Out-of-state (MD-US) N=27 6
Variable Residency Descriptor International N=27 4
Variable Academic Status Descriptor Freshmen N=27 6
Variable Academic Status Descriptor Sophomore N=27 4
Variable Academic Status Descriptor Junior N=27 7
Variable Academic Status Descriptor Senior N=27 10
Variable Type of Student* Descriptor Traditional N=27 21
Variable Type of Student* Descriptor Non-Traditional N=27 6

University Student Academic Information

Students enrolled in the MSU Actuarial Science have grown from 6 to 26 in the five years of its existence. We currently maintain a retention rate above 85%, way over national average of peer institutions. Students G.P.A.s range from 2.7/4.0 - 4.0/4.0 with an overall mean program G.P.A. of 3.4/4.0 and all students have graduated with a G.P.A. above 3.0/4.0.

Descriptor Variable Cumulative G.P.A. (Mean)
Descriptor Academic Status Variable Freshmen Cumulative G.P.A. (Mean) 3.31
Descriptor Academic Status Variable Sophomore Cumulative G.P.A. (Mean) 3.57
Descriptor Academic Status Variable Junior Cumulative G.P.A. (Mean) 3.56
Descriptor Academic Status Variable Senior Cumulative G.P.A. (Mean) 3.44
Descriptor Scholarship Status Variable Scholarship students Cumulative G.P.A. (Mean) 3.69
Descriptor Scholarship Status Variable Non-scholarship students Cumulative G.P.A. (Mean) 3.12