Actuarial Science Program

Actuarial Science

The Actuarial Science Program at Morgan State University is the only formalized Actuarial Science Program in the state of Maryland approved by Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC). It uniquely incorporates the disciplines of Mathematics, Finance, Accounting and Economics to create a synergistic program that fully equips our graduates for the workforce.

The curricula for all degree programs include courses approved by the Society of Actuaries (SOA) to fulfill the Validation by Educational Experience credits and courses covering the learning objectives described in the SOA Basic Education Catalogue for Preliminary Actuarial Examination Probability (P), Financial Mathematics (FM), Financial Economics (MFE), Life Contingencies (MLC) and Construction and Evaluation of Actuarial Models (C). Full and partial tuition scholarships are available through the Actuarial Science Program for students that qualify. The program encompasses extensive exam prep for actuarial exams and valid internship experience will also be made available to students.

The mission of the Morgan State University Actuarial Science Program is:

  • to increase the number of highly qualified students, especially among underrepresented populations, entering careers in actuarial and actuarial-related fields who can significantly contribute to the financial security of all entities through their ability to identify, assess, manage and quantify uncertainty and risk in various situations

  • to promote the development and use of statistics, probability, decision-making and risk management

  • to support collaboration with, and integration of other disciplines to produce theoretically sound and innovative practical applications in the advancement of the actuarial science discipline.

  • to prepare students for SOA/CAS professional examinations.

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Actuarial Science ProgramActuarial Science Program

Student Highlights:

Dean's List Fall 2019:


Jadyn Giles

Shane James

Sierra LeBlue

Roshan Ghimire

Actuarial Exams Passed in 2020

Daniel Eya Amame- Exam FM (February 2020)

Daniel Eya Amame- Exam IFM (July 2020)

Roshan Ghimire- Exam P (August 2020) 

Actuarial Exams Passed in 2019:

Daniel Eya Amame- Exam P (November 2019)

Roshan Ghimire- Exam FM (August 2019)

Sandra Bonga- Exam FM  (August 2019)

Tyson Darby- Exam FM (June 2019)

Zhao Liu- Exam FM (June 2019)

Mustafa Abderrahman -Exam P (May 2019)