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Philosophy & Religious Studies

Daniel Brunson

Dr. Daniel Brunson

Assistant Professor, Philosophy & Religious Studies

Office: Holmes Hall 304
Phone: (443) 885-4446

Curriculum Vitae


2010 Ph.D. Philosophy, with Ph.D. Minor in Science, Technology, and Society
The Pennsylvania State University
2002 B.A. Philosophy, with minors in Anthropology & Psychology
Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis

Dr. Brunson came to Morgan State as a Lecturer in 2010. In the fall of 2019, he was hired as an assistant professor in the department.


Dr. Brunson's research involves applying and updating classically informed pragmatism, especially rooted in the work of Charles Peirce and Josiah Royce, to issues in contemporary social epistemology. Particular topics of interest include cognitive neuroscience, disability, emotions, history, risk, and technology.


2016 "Fluency, Satisfaction, Truth: Reassessing James in light of some contemporary psychology." Contemporary Pragmatism 13.1: 29-47.

2016 "Insuring an Indefinite Future: Sustainability as a Consequence of Royce's Moral Vision." Editor's Selection. The Pluralist 11.1: 117-125.

2016 "Review of America the Philosophical." Contemporary Pragmatism 13.3: 341-344.

2016 "Book Review Essay Thinking through the Imagination: Aesthetics in Human Cognition." The Pluralist 11.2: 111-117.

2017 "Common Sense Without a Common Language? Peirce and Reid on the Challenge of Linguistic Diversity."  European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy IX.2. [20 pages]

2018 "Voluntarism: A Difference that Makes the Difference Between American Pragmatism and German Idealism?" European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy X.2[21 pages]

2019 "Catastrophe and the Beloved Community: Resources for Resilience in Josiah Royce and Martin Luther King, Jr." with Kelly A. Parker.  Pragmatist and American Philosophical Perspectives on Resilience. Lexington Press. 37-59

2021 "Personal Reflections on Studying Royce After Curry." The Pluralist 16.2: 30-38.

2022 Disability and American Philosophies. Edited with an introduction with Nate Jackson.  Routledge. (February_ https:/

2022 "Caring about Other People" The Pluralist 17, no. 2 : 8-12 

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