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Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies

Public Life Committee


Marcos Bisticas-Cocoves, Chair of the Committee
Joanna Crosby
Darrius Hills
Joe Pettit
Harold Morales

Learn about our Center for the Study of Religion and the City at:

The Intersections Conference, hosted by WGST Coordinator, Dr. Anika Simpson is here.
2016-2017 Project: Reading the 2016 Department of Justice Report on the Baltimore Police.

"Philosophical practice is a public good and should therefore be practiced in and with various publics. It has the explicit aim of benefiting public life & should be liberatory. Public Philosophy should assist and empower those who are most vulnerable and suffer injustice, particularly through a critical analysis of power structures" (PPP 2010).

Dr. Bisticas-Cocoves has been chosen to serve as a member of the American Philosophical Association's Public Philosophy Committee

Public Philosophy Podcast: Philosophy Breaks Bread. Dr Vannatta and Dr. Brunson interviewed on teaching philosophy to first generation college students here.

Check out an excellent philosophy podcast by Morgan State University alumna, Myisha Cherry here.

Group Blogs

  • The New APPS blog is a group blog that takes up a variety of issues and has many commentators from different departments.
  • The New York Times has a blog devoted to philosophy: The Stone.
  • The Guardian's How to Believe series takes different figures from the history of philosophy and asks experts to write an accessible review of her work.
  • Feminist Philosophers is a blog by and for feminist philosophers.
  • Public Reason is a mostly analytic blog devoted to political philosophy.
  • New Books in Philosophy is a bi-monthly podcast on recent books published in the profession run by Robert Talisse and Carrie Figdor.
  • Crooked Timber is a group blog with philosophers and non-philosophers.
  • Philosophy TV! No kidding.
  • Prosblogion is a group blog in the philosophy of religion.

Single Author Blogs