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Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies


The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies is committed to a view of the liberal arts as a path towards liberation.  Through our teaching, research, and service to the community, we help (a) articulate a vision for a better world and (b) provide the reflective skills necessary to achieve that world.  As a department situated at an HBCU, this includes explicitly -and especially- a commitment to racial justice and the liberation of Black people everywhere.  Our commitment and values are aligned with the University's strategic plan and core values that reflect a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and innovation.  

What are our hopes and dreams?

To become a premier Philosophy and Religious Studies department at an HBCU; one serving as a model for how these disciplines are taught in a fashion that inspires students to imagine and achieve a more socially and epistemically just society.  

What problems are we solving for the greater good?

  • Pervasive system, social and epistemic injustice.

Who and what are we inspiring to change?

  • Students by preparing them to become critical leaders for dismantling structures of injustice.
  • The disciplines of Philosophy and Religious Studies.
  • A socially and epistemically unjust society.