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Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies

Pre Law

2022-2023 Pre Law Association Executive Board

Damya Milton, President

Kayla Clark, Vice President

Brianna Bromfield, Treasurer

Adriana Bryan, Secretary

Kailyn Smith, Miss Pre Law Association

Edjanni Njie-Mokonya, Chief of Staff

Helpful Information for Law School Applicants

Pre-Law Association
M.S.U Pre Law Association on Facebook  Here you will find information regarding the need of your resume, LSAT, official transcripts, personal statement 

LSAT help links:  

The Boston College On-line Law School Locator lists the 25th to 75th percentile LSAT scores and GPA ranges of first year classes at accredited law schools, entering in the fall of 2008. The Locator can help you identify schools where your scores and grades are most competitive for admission and help you gauge your chance of admission at a particular school.   

LSAT Information

LSAT is offered in June, October, December, and February at Morgan State University, whose code is 1394.  Walk-in registration is not permitted, and there are a limited number of seats available.  Visit the following website for registration, helpful information, and preparation, and application tips.

Other Resources