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Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Religious Studies Students

Religious Studies Students at Bolton Street Synagogue religious field site study.

Given the impact of religious power, it is crucial to study and understand it.

Because religion is believed to be one of the most powerful and widespread forces in the world, the Religious Studies concentration will help you understand the relationship between religion and politics, economics, and social structures.

  • Learn about the faiths, world views, and ways of life of people all over the world.
  • Receive a balanced, nonsectarian, cross-cultural perspective leading to a better understanding of the phenomenon of religion in human experience.
  • Develop critical thinking and analytical skills, public speaking, and cross-cultural communication.
  • Gain experience in factual description, comparative and critical analysis, and historical judgment.
  • Enhance your knowledge of cultural diversity and the complexity of diverse world views.
  • Prepare for professions as ministers, priests, rabbis, or careers in international relations and development, religious education, religious journalism, and religious broadcasting.
  • Strengthen your education by complementing a BA in Religious Studies to majors in such fields as anthropology, English, fine arts, history, international studies, music, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology.
  • We believe in real-world experience. That's why we recommend that all of our majors get internships. If you work hard, we will make sure you get an internship that challenges you.

Resources for Students in the Religious Studies Concentration

GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Information:
Information on the GRE, preparation, and scheduling for students planning to apply to graduate programs available here.

Religious Studies Professional Organizations

The American Academy of Religion

Society of Biblical Literature


Whether applying to graduate schools or for jobs, having one or more published article(s) will reflect highly in application materials. The following are some of the journals that are considered “student friendly” and which accept submissions from religious studies students:

Journal of the American Academy of Religion

Axis Mundi

JAGNES: Journal of Associated Graduates in Near Eastern Studies

Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue

Journal of Mormon History

Journal of Religion and Culture

Religion Compass

SAGAR: A South Asia Research Journal

Shift: Queen's Graduate Journal of Visual and Material Culture

Religion Dispatches