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Office of Human Resources


Accident Investigation Report *

Administrative Performance Evaluation

Administrative Performance Evaluation.PAPERFORM *

Employee Bereavement Notice Form *

Choosing a Retirement Plan

Compensation Authorization Form (HR39) *

Contractual Employee Termination Request Form *

Dual Employment Form *

Election Not to Participate in Teacher/Employee Pension System (Form 60) *

Employee Clearance Sheet - Employee Instructions *

Employee Clearance Sheet - Supervisor Instructions *

Employee Demographic Form *

Employee Timesheet (Regular)

Employee Timesheet (Contractual)

Employee to Employee Leave Donation Form MS405 *

Employment Application *

Employment Eligibility Form I9 *

Employee Telework Application PACKET*

Faculty Pay Schedule Selection Form (21/26) *

Faculty Timesheet

Family and Medical Leave Act Fact Sheet *

Family and Medical Leave Employee Request (HR 44, 45E, 46) *

Family and Medical Leave Family Member Request (HR 44, 45F, 46) *

Grievance Appeal Form - Administrative*

Grievance Appeal Form - Classified *

Grievance Procedures *

Leave Bank Donation Form

Leave Bank Request Forms *

Leave Bank (Employee to Employee) Request Forms *

Leave Request Form *

MEMS Access Request Form*

Optional Retirement Plan Vendor Selection *

PF10 Contractual Personnel Request *

Pandemic Behavioral Health Resources*

Pandemic Staff Guide*

Payroll Schedule (Contractual FY23)*

Payroll Schedule (Regular FY23)*

Payroll Advance Request Form *

Performance Management Process

Performance Management Process (Paperform) *

PMP Booklet - Training Guide *

Policies for Spouses/Dependent/Children *

Position Description Form *

Probationary Evaluation Form *

Reclass 100 Request Form *

Reclass 101 Request Form *

Request for Suspension *

403b Deduction Form *

Sick Leave Occurrence Form *

Suspension Form - Administrative

Telework Agreement*

Telework Policy*

Teleworking with Online Learners*

Temporary Employee Request *

Tuition Waiver Form (Morgan State University Only)

Tuition Waiver Form - CONTRACTUAL (Morgan State University Only)

USM Tuition Remission Form (Other USM Schools) *

2023 W4

2023 MW507

* - requires Adobe® Acrobat Reader to view or print.