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Center for Academic Success and Achievement

Resources for Freshmen Students

As a freshman, the college academic environment may be unfamiliar to you. To help support you during your first year at Morgan here are some helpful tips and links to things you may need to know as a Morgan State University freshman.

Freshman Newsletter - Each semester, a first-year academic advising newsletter is distributed electronically to all freshmen. The purpose of this newsletter is to keep students informed and to provide resources for success. 

Academic Advising Syllabus - A resource used by academic advisors to communicate the expectations of the advising relationship to their advisees. It outlines the advisor's and advisee's responsibilities in the advising partnership. Click here to view an advising syllabus.

WEBSIS - An online tool that allows students access to manage their academic and personal information. This online tool gives you access to register for and/or drop courses, check midterm and final grades, view your academic transcript, etc. Log in to WEBSIS

Starfish - You can connect with your advisor and/or faculty, receive kudos from professors, receive emails from your professors regarding your attendance, your assignments, your participation, and your progress in your courses, and much more. Starfish can be accessed via WEBSIS

Degree Works - With Degree Works, you can see where you stand in fulfilling your degree requirements. You can view current program information, courses completed, and courses still needed to complete your degree. You can also track required courses, elective options, and completed courses according to actual transcript records. For more information on Degree Works visit You can access Degree Works through their WEBSIS account.

GPA Calculator - This tool helps you to calculate your expected grade point average (GPA)

MSU Offices/Resources You May Need - Below are some of the resources you may need during your freshman year and beyond.