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Center for Academic Success and Achievement

Welcome Students!

Academic Advising is an important part of your college career. Your academic advisor is a vital support to your success here at Morgan State University and beyond. Your advisor will help you develop goals and point you in the right direction of resources to help you accomplish those goals. In addition, your academic advisor will aid in your overall development as an individual.

Important Links

Freshman Advising Experience Survey - We value your feedback. Share your advising experience as a freshman with us by completing this brief survey.

First Year Students (Freshmen) - general information about your role as an advisee and the transition from freshman advising to major/departmental advising.

Academic Advisor Assignments - names and contact information for all first year academic advisors.

Academic Advising Hold - important information about the academic advising hold placed on all first year students' WEBSIS accounts.

Resources For First Year Students - valuable resources for first year students e.g. GPA calculator

General Studies Majors (Undecided/Undeclared) - pertinent information about declaring your major, advisor assignment, academic advisor hold information, and additional resources for general studies majors.

* If you are an upperclassman who has transitioned to major advising please visit your major's webpage or your department office location for information about academic advising. You can also find your academic advisor listed under "Success Network" in Starfish. If you are a general studies upperclassman, please visit General Studies Majors for information about academic advising.