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School of Architecture & Planning

Our purpose is to be a professionally based academic unit that has a clear commitment to the fundamental qualities that bring together a balanced educational program in the exploration of human and natural environments.

For over 30-years the School of Architecture & Planning (SA+P) has provided students the opportunity to preview and experience the makings of the built and natural environment in the broader perspective of interdisciplinary learning headed toward responsible leadership. Graduates have joined local firms in various modes of professional practice, while others have accepted positions in state and local government, community groups and organizations, or academic institutions.


B.S. in Architecture & Environmental Design

The Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Environmental Design program is based on the understanding that the skills required for designing the built environment come from a broad education that draws on science, technology, humanities and the arts.

B.S. in Interior Design

The Bachelor of Science in Interior Design (INTD) is an undergraduate design degree that aims to improve the quality of life of people and their communities through the design of healthy, safe, and environmentally sound interior spaces.

Master's in Architecture

The Master of Architecture program is a professional degree program, fully accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB), and leads to the opportunity for licensure as an architect within the United States.

Landscape Architecture

The Master of Landscape Architecture program at Morgan challenges students to solve complex problems dealing with population density, architectural context, environmental systems, and public infrastructure.

Master's in City and Regional Planning

The Master of City and Regional Planning program offers an interactive environment for learning about planning for complex and challenged communities within an institution that has at the very core of its mission to improve the quality of life of diverse, urban populations.

B.S. in Construction Management

The Bachelor of Science in Construction Management (CMGT) Program develops students who understand the complexity of construction projects, appreciate the values of sustainable principles and their applications, and are able to manage people in the field site.

M.S. in Construction Management

The Master of Science degree in Construction Management is challenging and extremely rewarding with emphasis on the technical content areas. Students receive a solid base in the management basics required of the construction industry. A unique component of the degree program is that it emphasizes sustainability principles and practices throughout the course of study.

Ph.D. in Architecture, Urbanism, and Built Environments

The Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture, Urbanism, and Built Environments is an advanced degree that focuses on preparing the next generation of academics and professionals to create innovative and transformative evidence-based solutions to address the challenges of contemporary and future urban built environments.

3+2 Programs

The School of Architecture and Planning offers an accelerated pathway for students to earn their professional degree in Architecture, City and Regional Planning, or Landscape Architecture. For consideration, students must be enrolled in the Architecture and Environmental Design program.

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Center for the Built Environment & Infrastructure Studies

CBEIS is a 126,000 GSF USGBC Gold LEED certified shared facility for academic engineering and design programs.



School of Architecture & Planning

Dr. Abimbola Asojo, Dean
Center for the Built Environment & Infrastructure Studies
1700 E. Cold Spring Lane, Suite 104  •  Baltimore, MD 21251

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