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M.S. in Construction Management

The Master of Science degree in Construction Management is challenging and extremely rewarding with emphasis on the technical content areas. Students receive a solid base in the management basics required of the construction industry. A unique component of the degree program is that it emphasizes sustainability principles and practices throughout the course of study. The program is patterned after the accreditation standards and criteria set by the American Council for Construction Education. 

The major educational objectives are the following:

  1. Provide a challenging learning environment where students acquire high­ quality skills and knowledge necessary for managing construction processes and effectively responding to complex construction issues;
  2. Expose students to the latest advancements in technology applications and project management systems;
  3. Recruit the underrepresented population who are committed and motivated to building a career in the construction industry;
  4. Cultivate a research mindset that contributes to sound decision making and increases the body of knowledge applicable to industry;
  5. Establish, foster, and strengthen partnerships with construction firms and related industries, as well as national/international associations involved in building activities.