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B.S. in Architecture & Environmental Design

Student AREN

Ignite Your Passion for Design

The Architecture and Environmental Design (AREN) program is a four-year journey that will prepare you for a fulfilling career in architecture and related environmental design fields. We believe that the skills needed to design the spaces we inhabit come from a well-rounded education. That's why our curriculum blends science, technology, humanities, and the arts to give you a strong foundation.

A Curriculum That Inspires

  • Develop your creative vision through courses in graphic skills and design studio.
  • Gain a historical perspective on the built environment.
  • Understand the science and technology that shape our surroundings.
  • Explore the social and cultural forces that influence design.

Design Studio: Where Creativity Takes Flight

The cornerstone of the AREN program is the design studio. Here, you'll put your knowledge into action by tackling real-world and hypothetical design projects. This is where you'll experiment, collaborate, and refine your design skills.

Launch Your Design Career

Graduates of the AREN program are prepared for entry-level positions in architecture and environmental design fields. The program also serves as a strong foundation for further study in graduate programs like Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and City and Regional Planning at MSU.

Are you ready to turn your passion for design into a reality?