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Department of Mathematics

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ALEKS Info and Blog for Morgan State University Department of Mathematics

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The Department of Mathematics is dedicated to increasing the retention and graduation rates of our students here at Morgan State University, as well as to accelerate our students to satisfy their curriculum Mathematics requirements at a quicker pace. There has been documented success with ALEKS ( at other universities, so Morgan State University wanted to offer this program that could greatly benefit our MSU students. The *ALEKS Committee in our department was established in Fall 2017, and the first official ALEKS departmental pilot was launched in Winter Session 2017. Great success was achieved as a result of this initial pilot. With the partnership of the Office of Student Success & Retention and the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics Education, and Psychometry, the *ALEKS Committee has been offering select pilot sections using ALEKS every semester Spring and Fall semesters since Winter Session 2017 and have continually measured the students' outcomes. Currently, select sections of Math 106  (Fundamentals of Mathematics) and Math 113 (Intro to Math Analysis I) are implementing ALEKS. The ultimate goal is to convert all Math courses prior to MATH 241 (Calculus I) to the ALEKS platform.

- To learn more about ALEKS, please visit their website:

- To learn more about ALEKS PPL for Math Placement Exam preparation at Morgan State University, please go to:  

*ALEKS Committee:  Dr. Asamoah Nkwanta, Dr. Jean-Pierre Liamba, Dr. Nadia Enurah, Dr. Syafria Syafrida, Prof. Patrick Wenkanaab, Prof. Charlita Woodruff-White, Prof. Michelle Rockward, and Prof. Shirley Russell

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Our ALEKS blog below was created in order to bring you the latest news/updates regarding ALEKS implementation at our University and to capture our students' experience with ALEKS.