Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

Mathematical methods have become indispensable to the proper functioning of our increasingly scientific and technological society. In view of this, the Department aims to assist students to develop an appreciation for the power and orderliness of logical thought, precision of expression, and the utility of mathematics. By properly selecting a major and supporting courses, students can prepare for careers in a variety of fields, including research, business, government, and teaching. Recognizing the symbiosis among academic disciplines, the Department provides courses designed to meet the mathematical needs prescribed for majors in other departments.

Morgan State University is Maryland's designated urban institution. The department offers both undergraduate and graduate programs and has a student body with diverse backgrounds and skills. The mission of the Department of Mathematics is to provide a supportive environment for teaching, research and learning which facilitates both the professional and personal growth of its students and educators. This mission is accomplished by creating opportunities for students majoring in mathematics, actuarial science, and mathematics education to receive a high-quality undergraduate education. Students from other disciplines in the university are also provided the opportunities to learn mathematics and its applications. In addition, high-quality graduate education opportunities are provided through our masters and doctoral programs.

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