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Department of Mathematics

All About ALEKS

by Tania Osborne • May 4, 2020

Tania OsborneMy name is Tania Osborne and I am a Biology Major. I am a freshman student and I have been using ALEKS all throughout the Spring 2020 semester. I actually enjoy using ALEKS for multiple reasons.

For one, I like that before the assignment is due, it tells you how long before it is due on the home page. I also like that before a certain topic begins, there is always a number of ways the site teaches you how to do that topic, with examples provided as well. Also, there are ways for you to see your progress and what your grade is in the gradebook section. I personally appreciate that because I like to be on top of my grades and know where I stand in a particular class. One more thing that I appreciate ALEKS for is when you may be stuck on a topic, you are able to go to a different topic and work on the one that is difficult at a different time.

What I do not like about ALEKS is when you get a problem wrong, it takes away some of your progress. I do not like that because sometimes because of that I will be on a certain topic for a long amount of time. Although, I understand why that is put in place because it does help with extra practice.

My motivation for completing my ALEKS assignments is so that I can pass the class and go on to the next math level. I feel that the website also helps with my math skills so I try to complete all of my assignments. I would definitely refer others to use ALEKS because it really is helpful. I would recommend for a new person using ALEKS to log in frequently just to stay on top of any assignments that may be due. I would also recommend to use the help with examples the website provides before each topic before starting the problems. All in all, I would definitely recommend ALEKS to students and math teachers. It is a helpful math tool to expand math skills. I enjoyed using this website throughout the Spring 2020 semester and hopefully I will continue to use it in the Fall 2020 semester.