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Department of Mathematics

The Benefits of Using ALEKS

by Junious Wooidrick • May 9, 2020

ALEKS is a tutoring website that allows you to study and learn at your own pace. It is a website that not only allows you to review course material, but also walks you through how to solve difficult problems. Teachers can assign different subjects to learn on ALEKS and in order to learn a subject, you must complete a certain number of problems. ALEKS insures that its users actually learn the material by not allowing them to progress in the section until they get a certain number of problems correct. This is a very thorough tutoring site with many tools to make learning easier for its users.

One of ALEKS' most useful features is its timeline, located at the bottom of the page under the home tab. This allows users to gauge how much time they spend on a subject and work at a moderate pace. The timeline has the name and due date of each upcoming assignment. Each time you open ALEKS and progress in a subject, it is logged on the timeline. In addition to the timeline, there is also an "up next" tab that allows users to view what the next topic they must learn is and the number of topics that they must complete before the due date of the assignment. ALEKS makes it very easy to get work turned in on time.

Another very useful tool on ALEKS is the pie chart, which is located in the upper right hand corner of the website's home page. The pie chart consists of all of the subjects that are available in the course that you are taking. It also shows the number of topics completed in a certain subject. In order to complete a topic on ALEKS, you must get 3-5 consecutive correct answers in that topic. The pie chart is another gauging tool that allows users to accurately see what they have learned so far.

One of the most useful tools on ALEKS is the gradebook which is the 7th tab on the sites menu bar. The gradebook allows students to view all of their previous assignments and what grades they received on them. The gradebook is broken down into categories for each type of assignment that may be given. It also allows students to see what percent of their grade that type of assignment makes up. For example there could be a category for quizes and ALEKS will inform you that quizzes make up 20% of your overall grade. This feature allows students to get a lot of insight on how their grades look in a course taken on ALEKS. It even allows you to see the grade you would receive on assignments that are partially done.

ALEKS makes learning much easier. The site incorporates many tools that assist you on your path to completing a course. Not only does the site allow students to work at their own pace but they can also study material for a higher math course if they wish to do so. This is a renowned site that is used in many education systems because of its convenience and efficiency.