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Office of the Comptroller

Office of Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Office is located in the Tyler Hall Building on the 4th floor in the Comptroller's office. The office processes invoices for payment through the State of Maryland Comptroller of the Treasury.

Provided below are general guidelines that must be followed to facilitate the processing of invoices for payment.

  1. Payment can only be processed for obligations approved in advance via a University issued Purchase Order. Please note the following: Invoices received for unauthorized purchases will be forwarded to the staff member initiating the obligation, who may be personally responsible for paying the vendor from that staff member's own personal resources.
  2. Maryland State Law requires that vendors receive payment no more than 25 days after submission of a valid invoice to the University. The 25-day period begins the day any office at the University receives an invoice, not when a department delivers the invoice to Accounts Payable. For this reason, it is imperative that invoices sent in error to the requesting department by vendors be forwarded to Accounts Payable within one (1) working day. Morgan may be required to pay interest to vendors not receiving timely payment.