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Office of the Comptroller

Vendor Invoices & Payments

The State of Maryland, Comptroller of Treasury Office outlines specific guidelines on invoice requirements for approved vendor payments. It is important that the University adheres to these guidelines and requirements to reduce delays and to ensure timely payments to our vendors. Review the following invoice information to determine if acceptable or not acceptable before submitting your documentation to the Accounts Payable section for payments:

1) Vendor invoices must list goods and/or services rendered to or on behalf of the University. Please note that Maryland State sales tax included or listed will not be paid. 

2) Vendor statements should not be submitted as an invoice for payment as they are normally considered NOT acceptable documentation. An exception applies to statements from vendors, such   utility companies or other vendors, where charges are detailed and/ or lists current charges to be paid. 

3) Vendor invoices for the following services or goods, which are considered personal expenses and chargeable to the individual incurring such expenses, will NOT be paid from the Maryland State Treasury:

  • Funeral Floral Arrangements
  • Special Gifts
  • Non-Related Work Expenses
  • Other Emoluments

4) Vendor invoice documentation for catering/ food services must include ALL of the following details:

  • Name and purpose of the function
  • All attendees by name and/ or affiliation

5) Additional invoice types and/ or items that are not acceptable and  will NOT be paid from the Maryland State Treasury:

  • Invoices for food served during normal staff meetings
  • Invoices for expenses incurred at State employees' social functions (i.e. Christmas parties, etc)
  • Invoices for employee parking fees or other driving violations
  • Invoices for alcoholic beverage expenses