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Adding Funds

1. Deposit cash using a Morgan Value Terminal (MVT) at the following locations:

  • The University Student Center
  • Earl S Richardson Library

2. Through the University Bursar's Office, transfer funds from your MSU student account to your BEARcard, with no limit, to the extent that excess funds are available in your student account after all University financial obligations are met.

  • To transfer money from your student account to your BEARcard, please visit the Office of the Bursar and click BNC Funds Transfer Request to access the form.  Send the completed form to the Bursar via email:

3. You may deposit funds using a credit card at

  • Use you network username and password to login.
  • For Dining Dollars, deposits can be made in increments of $50 up to a maximum of $200.00.  If you would like Dining Dollars in amounts greater than $200.00, please purchase a Commuter Dining Plan by visiting the Office of Residence Life.
  • A convenience fee of 3.5% of the total deposit amount will be added to each deposit performed.
  • Please note that unused Dining Dollars will expire as follows:
    • Fall Semester Dining Dollars expire January 15.
    • Spring Semester Dining Dollars expire June 30.

Maintaining account security is the cardholder's responsibility. If your card is lost or stolen, please immediately report it upon discovery at

Management of your card is like cash and should be treated as such.

Once funds are added to your BEARcard account, they remain in your account until you graduate or withdraw from the University.

There are no cash refunds of purchases that were made with the BEARcard.  Should you return merchandise, the refund will be credited back to the BEARcard account.  Additionally, you CANNOT withdraw cash from your BEARcard account.