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BEARcard Accounts

The BEARcard has now been simplified with (3) spending accounts: (1) Retail, (2) Books Only, (3) Dining Dollars.

Retail Account: Used for Laundry, the Bookstore, Student Center Sweet Shoppe, Game Room, Print Shop, Vending Machines and Off Campus locations which accept the BEARcard for purchases. Funds can be deposited to your Retail Account using the GET app, MVT in the Student Center or from your MSU student account.

Books Only Account: Restricted to textbooks and instructional materials purchases only in the Bookstore. This account is credited with funds from scholarships, stipends, grants, etc. Personal funds cannot be added to this account. Funds from the Books Only Account cannot be transferred to your Retail account.

Dining Dollars Account: Accepted only at all on-campus MSU Dining and Kiosk locations managed by SodexoMAGIC. Funds are added to this account by purchasing a Dining Dollars Plan. For further information on MSU Dining Plans, please visit from this account are not transferable to other BEARcard accounts or to your student account. Also, you cannot transfer funds from other BEARcard accounts to this account. For the Fall Semester, Dining Dollars are valid through January 15, then any remaining balance is forfeited. For the Spring Semester, Dining Dollars are valid through June 30, then any remaining balance is forfeited.

You may check your account balance at

  • Use you network username and password to login.
  • Maintaining account security is the cardholder's responsibility. If your card is lost or stolen, please immediately report upon discovery using the above link.
  • The BEARcard Office is not responsible for any charges made on a lost or stolen card.  The BEARcard is not branded by any major credit card issuer and does not offer the same consumer protection if your card is lost or stolen.
  • Management of your card is like cash and should be treated as such.
  • Any fraudulent activity with your BEARcard and BEARcard accounts will lead to the loss of your BEARcard account privileges.