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Appointments are now required for all BEARcard services.

In an effort to promote customer safety and convenience, appointments are now required for all BEARcard services. To schedule an appointment, please do one of the following:

Register using the kiosks located on level two of Tyler Hall


Schedule BEARcard Appointment

Thank you and continue to stay safe!

The BEARcard is the official ID card of Morgan State University.

All current Morgan State University students, faculty and staff must retain on their person a valid BEARcard when conducting University business. Students and employees must present their BEARcard upon request to utilize University services. There is no charge for the initial BEARcard. However, all misplaced, lost and stolen cards will incur a $25 replacement fee, paid at the University Cashier, located on the second floor Tyler Hall Wing 211. BEARcard processing takes place at the BEARcard Center located in Tyler Hall, Room 306. A valid ID is required before a BEARcard can be issued.