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BEARcard Center (BC)

All Morgan State University students, faculty and staff must retain on their person a valid BEARcard (BC) when conducting University business. Students and employees must present their BC upon request to utilize University services. In addition to serving as an ID card, the BC can be used as a Debit Card to make purchases on campus. Once a BC account is established and funds have been deposited into it, students, faculty and staff need not use cash for University goods and services.

BEARcards are issued initially free of charge at the time of new student registration (free for 1st issue only)  or employment. While damaged cards will be replaced free of charge, there is a $25.00 dollar replacement fee for the replacement of lost cards. BEARcard processing takes place at the BEARcard Center  located in the Montebello Complex, D-Wing - Room 128. Valid ID as required by the state must be presented before a BC can be issued. If a faculty or staff member is in the process of separating from the university for any reason (i.e., termination, retirement, career change), he/she must submit their BEARcard to the BEARcard Center Office and receive sign-off authorization from an authorized BEARcard staff member.

BEARcard Center
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Fall and Spring Semesters
Monday -Friday 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.