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Refund Requests

Upon graduation, or separation from the University, you can request a refund of your Limited General or Retail BEARcard account balances by accessing the following link and completing the refund request: BEARcard Refund Request.  No refunds can be requested from the Books Only or Dining Dollar Accounts.  The funds will first be applied to any outstanding balances on your University student account if any exists.  Afterwards, all refunds will be mailed to the address indicated on the BEARcard Refund Request Form or the address on file with Morgan State University.

BEARcard fund accounts that remain inactive for one year after the account has expired and for which no request for a refund has been received will be subject to an automatic refund process and the previous conditions apply.

  • Total balances less than $30.00 are subject to a nonrefundable administrative fee.
    • Refund requests made within the one year period of inactivity are not subject to the administrative fee.
  • The funds eligible for refund will be applied to the cardholder's student account.
  • If there is an outstanding balance on the cardholder's student account, the refund credit amount from the Retail account will be credited against the outstanding amount on the cardholder's student account.
  • A refund check for any remaining reimbursable funds will be forwarded to the address on file with the University.
  • For cardholders without a student account, the refund check will be issued to the address on file with the University.
  • No cash refunds will be authorized.