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Harriet A. Woolford University Health Center



The Harriet A. Woolford Health Center is located behind Cummings House adjacent to Gate#4 of Hughes Stadium.


Parking is available in the garage located directly behind the University Student Center.

Walking Directions

Walking Directions to the University Health Center (from the parking garage near the University Student Center).

  1. Exit the garage on the ground level.
  2. Walk to your left. You will be in the rear of the Student Center.
  3. Follow the cement walkway until it becomes a brick walkway.
  4. Directly in front of you will see a glass building (the Earl S. Richardson Library).
  5. Walk towards the right past the Edward P. Hurt Gymnasium.
  6. As you approach a blue pole marked "Emergency, go to the right. 
  7. Looking straight ahead you will see a "Ticket Office" window.
  8. The University Health Center is located in the Harriet A. Woolford Health Center is to the left of the ticket window.