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Office of the Registrar

TES and ARTSYS for Students

If you're curious how your credits could transfer to Morgan State University, you've come to the right place!

The Transfer Evaluation System (TES) is a tool to see how courses from other colleges and universities typically transfer to MSU.

TES may be used to obtain an unofficial indication of how courses from other colleges will be accepted for transfer credit at Morgan State University. It is important to remember that the TES is an unofficial course evaluation tool.

Morgan State University will officially determine transfer credit acceptance after you are admitted to the university and official transcripts from all previously completed coursework have been received. The system is dynamic and continually updated as courses are reviewed. Additional information is available in the university catalog using the transfer policy link below. Equivalency information available here is subject to change at any time and is not a guarantee of transfer.

See Morgan State University transfer credit policy and academic catalog

Use this guide to learn how to use the Transfer Equivalency System.

Current MSU Students- Complete permission to take a course off-campus form to obtain appropriate permissions. Otherwise, credit may be denied regardless of the course being listed as transferable. 

Students with approved permission to take a course off-campus forms must have ALL final official transcripts sent to the Office of the Registrar by email to or by U.S. Mail to:

Office of the Registrar
Morgan State University
1700 East Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, Maryland 21251

Official transcripts must be sent directly from the issuing institution's records office either by mail or electronically through a secured transcript service approved by Morgan State University. Please note that official transcripts sent by students from their official MSU email account as attachments will not be accepted as official.


ARTSYS is attended to aid the transfer of students from Maryland community colleges to Morgan State University.  ARTSYS is a computerized information system created to facilitate the transfer of students from Maryland community colleges to the University of Maryland System institutions and other participating institutions. ARTSYS was developed based upon the following principles: (1) students' needs must be the primary concern, (2) students should progress between institutions with little to no loss of credits or be required to duplicate successfully completed coursework, and (3) native and transfer students must be treated fairly and equally.

ARTSYS allows students and advisors to ascertain the transferability status of each community college course by indicating equivalencies and general education area(s). The program also outlines, in community college language, the recommended courses for specific programs of study at the participating institutions.

ARTSYS features a transcript option for students, which determines the status of courses, compares them with the recommended transfer programs, and computes grade point averages. ARTSYS, in conjunction with the electronic transfer of transcripts, enables the receiving institution to evaluate the student's record and provide information about the student's standing upon transfer.

ARTSYS is maintained and distributed by the University System of Maryland (USM) Administration.

Courses from other academic institutions may be determined to be:

  • Equivalent - This course is, essentially, the same as a course offered at Morgan State University and fulfills the same major and/or general education requirement(s).
  • Related elective within a department- This course has not been determined to be equivalent to any courses offered at Morgan State University; it may fulfill major and/or general education requirements. Upon a student's acceptance to the college, it is possible to have electives re-evaluated by the relevant department(s) for possible equivalencies.
  • Free elective - This course has no equivalent at Morgan State University and does not fit into any academic department. The credits may transfer in and apply toward the total number of credits required for graduation but will not satisfy major or general education requirements.

If a course equivalency is not listed, it has not been previously evaluated and will likely transfer in as an elective until it has been reviewed by the appropriate department.

Quarter credits are converted to semester credits (one-quarter credit = 2/3 of a semester credit)

9 quarter hours = 6.00 credits
8 quarter hours = 5.33 credits
7 quarter hours = 4.66 credits
6 quarter hours = 4.00 credits
5 quarter hours = 3.33 credits
4 quarter hours = 2.66 credits
3 quarter hours = 2.00 credits
2 quarter hours = 1.33 credits
1 quarter hours = 0.66 credits
0.5 quarter hours = 0.33 credits


Additional information is available in the university catalog. Equivalency information available here is subject to change at any time and is not a guarantee of transfer. If you have questions about the transfer evaluation process, which includes all services mentioned above, please email


Please complete the form to begin the process of officially evaluating your transfer credit after admission to Morgan State University. All official transcripts must be on file with final grades. Newly admitted and current Morgan State University students may use this form.