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Office of the Registrar


The Office of the Registrar at Morgan State University provides an array of services.  Please review the information below for information on the services that we provide:

Transcripts - Parchment Inc. will facilitate your request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click on the Official MSU Transcript link below (you may also access this site through myMSU). Periodically throughout the day, Morgan State will receive requests from Parchment Inc. and process them within our business hours (M-F 8:00a-5:00p). Parchment Inc. uses current web encryption technology; your information will be secure. All financial obligations to the University must be cleared before a transcript request will be honored.

Registration - The Office of the Registrar is the center of the registration process at Morgan State University. Based on the submissions from the schools/colleges, the course schedule is created and published to the campus community. The Office of the Registrar assists when registration issues arise in investigating and assists students and faculty with the various aspects of registration as needed.

Enrollment & Degree Verifications - Verification of student records includes verification of attendance dates; graduation dates; major in which degree was earned; the number of credit hours completed at M.S.U.; whether enrolled half-time, part-time or full-time and the semester of enrollment; anticipated graduation date; and date of withdrawal from the University.

Student Records Maintenance - It is the Office of the Registrar's responsibility to house and maintain student records. The office treats such information in a confidential manner and exercises the highest levels of integrity in the dissemination of such records. The Office of the Registrar complies with all Federal, State, and University rules and policies with regard to privacy.

Readmission/Reactivation - The Office of the Registrar facilitates the readmission of undergraduate students who have not attended the university for more than a year. The Office of the Registrar assists undergraduate students who have registered for courses in the last year, and whose Websis account has been deactivated for registration purposes.

Baltimore Student Exchange Program (BSEP) - The Baltimore Student Exchange Program encourages various unique educational opportunities to meet the needs of Morgan students beyond what the campus boundaries provide. The BSEP Program of the State colleges provides the student the opportunity to take classes at partner BSEP partner institutions. Students eligible for these programs must have full-time, undergraduate status (Freshmen are excluded) and good academic (as determined by the Home institution). 

Change/Declaration of Major/Minor - When students want to change or declare their major, they must submit a change/declaration of major form. Signatures from the appropriate Chairpersons are required. Once the form has been completed with appropriate signatures, the Office of the Registrar will process the Change/Declaration of Major/Minor.

Personal Information Update -  Enrolled students who wish to change/correct their name, address, date of birth, or social security number must obtain and complete the Personal Information Update and submit it to the Office of the Registrar with the appropriate supporting documentation as outlined in the form.

Withdrawal from the University- Students who wish to withdraw completely from the University completely or for the semester in which they are registered. A note on dropping/adding courses:  Classes may be dropped without academic penalty according to the deadline published in the academic calendar. Discontinued attendance DOES NOT constitute dropping a class(es) or withdrawal from the University and such action will result in the grade of an "F", which is computed in the average as well as being held accountable for the cost of the class. Classes may be added as specified in the published academic calendar each semester.

Graduation Application - Students must file applications for graduation in the office of the Dean of their school according to dates published in the University Calendar.

Residency Reclassification  - Students who wish to change their residency status must obtain and complete a Change of Residency form from the Office of the Registrar. In addition to the completed form, requested documentation must also be submitted.

Voter Registration - Voter Registration cards may be obtained by downloading the form from the Board of Elections site:

Notary Public - A Notary Public will witness the signing of important documents and verify the identity of the signer(s), their willingness to sign the documents, and their awareness of the contents of the document. The appointment will be virtual and recorded. Access to internet, email, and computer with camera and microphone is required. You may book a virtual notary appointment