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National Transportation Center


SMARTER Center Graduate Fellowship

Are you passionate about transportation and seeking research opportunities? The SMARTER Student Fellowship is your chance to contribute to this vital field and get rewarded for your innovative ideas.

Who Can Apply?

  • Open to both undergraduate and graduate students from any discipline.
  • Individual and group applications welcome (stipend shared among group members).

Fellowship Rewards:

  • A generous stipend of $5,000, payable upon project completion by January 3, 2025.

Application Requirements:

  • Research abstract
  • Problem statement
  • Methodology
  • Anticipated results and contributions
  • Multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Benefits to your research
  • Advisor’s recommendation letter
  • Curriculum vitae

All components should be no more than 1 page each and compiled into a single PDF file.

Important Dates:

  • Application Deadline: 5:00 PM, April 12, 2024
  • Notification: On or before April 29, 2024
  • Awards Ceremony: May 2, 2024 (Attendance is mandatory for award receipt)

For any queries, reach out to Brandy Savarese at

Ready to drive change in transportation research? Apply here!

The Eisenhower HBCU Fellowship

The Eisenhower Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Fellowship provides HBCU students with opportunities to pursue transportation-related education. Awardees are selected by the Federal Highway Administration. Those interested in applying should contact the Eisenhower Program's campus manager, Dr. Celeste Chavis, at For more information on the program, visit