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Science & Technology | August 31, 2023

HBCU Week 2023: Morgan's Automated Wheelchair Technology

As part of its HBCU Week 2023 coverage of the research taking place at HBCUs, Maryland Public Television (MPT) visited the campus of Morgan State University...

Research & Innovation | August 14, 2023

Morgan State Collaborates with Carnegie Mellon University to Establish “Safety21” University Transportation Center Focused on Improving Transportation and Associated Technologies

5-Year, $20 Million USDOT Grant to Support Multi-University National Consortium Research Effort

| June 14, 2023

NTC Director Speaks at White House ARPA-I Summit

Director Jeihani touted the new partnerhsip and its implications for new technological developments.

| April 13, 2023

New SMARTER Center Seeks Affiliate Researchers at Morgan State

The National Transportation Center seeks diverse scholars for transportation research program.

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