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National Transportation Center

"Transportation: A Key to Human and Economic Development."

Welcome to the NTC

The National Transportation Center (NTC) at Morgan State University is a distinguished research institution focused on transportation and its vital role in human and economic development. Established by Congress in 1991, the NTC is dedicated to addressing social issues related to transportation through a robust program research and technology transfer, bringing together a wide variety of stakeholders to advance solutions in mobility and equity. As part of the U.S. Department of Transportation's University Transportation Centers Program and the Council of University Transportation Centers, the NTC plays a crucial role in advancing transportation technology and expertise in the United States.

Our Research

The grant-funded research conducted at the NTC focuses on connected and autonomous vehicles, safety, transportation and traffic modeling, optimization, equity, and the environment. To date, research conducted at the National Transportation Center and the Urban Mobility & Equity Center has been granted one utility patent; four provisional patents have been filed and a fifth is in the works. The National Transportation Center also won two national awards from the Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC), one for leadership in workforce development and the other for technology transfer.  The NTC's current areas of research focus are connected and autonomous vehicles, transportation and traffic modeling, safety and distracted driving, and equity. The Center also aims to increase the number of minorities and women in transportation.

National Transportation Center researchers have published dozens of research projects, book chapters, academic papers, and newspaper articles over the past five years, and the organization's affiliate centers continue to publish high-quality research on a range of topics in the transportation field. Explore each of these centers and their valuable contributions to the transportation studies literature here.

Education & Training

The Center is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of transportation professionals through its robust education and workforce development programs. These programs are a pipeline designed to place diverse, highly qualified transportation professionals into satisfying careers, starting with its long-running summer program formiddle and high school students and ending with its graduate internships at various state agencies.

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SMARTER Transportation Talks

SMATER Transportation Talks is a monthly webinar series designed to share the SMARTER Center’s research with transportation professionals in an engaging and accessible format. Each episode features an interview and a live Q&A session with leading transportation experts, emphasizing the real-world applications of our research. Join us to gain insights from top researchers and explore the practical impact of our work in the field of transportation.

To watch our previous Transportation Talks, check out our YouTube channel

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Your Driving Helps Our Research

We are recruiting participants to drive in our driving simulator through a simulated workzone. If you're not afraid of those orange and white cones, we can use you.

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