National Transportation Center

National Transportation Center

The National Transportation Center (NTC) at Morgan State University advances U.S. technology and expertise in transportation, research, and technology transfer on the university level.

The NTC's theme is "Transportation: A Key to Human and Economic Development."  The NTC's current areas of research focus are transportation and traffic modeling, safety, economics and equity, transportation funding, and infrastructure's effect on aquatic life. The center also aims to increase the number of minorities and women in transportation.

Vehicle Routing Problem

Some people like the New York Times crossword, others prefer to tackle the Vehicle Routing Problem. Read about our formulation in this research report.

Summer Transportation Institute

We are now accepting applications for the Summer Transportation Institute, a free program for high school students. However, space is limited, so apply now.

April is Distracted Driving Month

This five-minute video explains how we safely study distracted driving, and it reveals how even confident drivers are not as good as they think they are when it comes to multitasking while driving.