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National Transportation Center

Internship Programs

The Maryland Department of Transportation-Morgan State University Graduate School Internship is designed to give graduate students meaningful and practical experience in a transportation agency.

The year-long, paid internship is open to students pursuing post-graduate degrees in engineering, transportation, landscape architecture, finance, and information technology. Interns work part-time during the school year and full-time during the summer. Interns function as junior-level analysts or planners under the direct supervision of a senior staff member. Placement opportunities are available at:

  • the Maryland Aviation Administration
  • Maryland Port Administration
  • Maryland Transit Administration
  • Motor Vehicle Administration
  • State Highway Administration
  • Maryland Transportation Authority
  • the secretary's office at MDOT Headquarters

The Maryland State Highway Administration  Intership Program is a full-time, 8-week program that takes place every summer. Interns, both at the graduate and undergraduate level, are mentored by senior level administrators and technicians as they receive valuable experience operating in a state-level transportation agency. Click here to learn more.