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Mobile Device Management FAQs

Who is eligible for a Morgan State University (MSU) mobile device?
Key personnel are eligible for an MSU mobile device. Key personnel are employees who provide support services that require immediate communication throughout the day, while away from the office or away on travel. This also includes emergency and safety personnel.

Can I order device accessories through the Mobile Management Service (MMS) staff?
Yes! Users may opt to purchase a protective case for their MSU mobile phone or device. Mobile device accessory orders must be approved by the departmental cardholder and/or administrator.

When will I be eligible for a mobile phone upgrade?
Typically, MSU mobile phone contracts last 18 to 24 months. If you are unsure of your mobile device renewal date, contact an MMS representative on extension 3900.

Can I make international calls on my MSU phone?
Users who travel for university-related purposes or essential employees who must be on call at all times are eligible for international call services with their Dean or VP's approval. International calling must be university business-related. Requests should be submitted to at least 2 to 3 business days prior to travel and should include your budget code.

My MSU mobile phone is damaged/not working. What should I do?
Contact the Mobile Management Services (MMS) team on x3900. The MMS department will troubleshoot the device. If the issue cannot be resolved, you may be asked to visit a vendor-authorized store. If deemed necessary, the MMS department will provide a temporary loaner phone (if available) to which calls can be forwarded for a limited time.

My MSU mobile phone is lost or was stolen. What should I do?
In the event your MSU mobile phone is lost or stolen, contact the Mobile Management Services team on x3900 so preventative measures can be put in place to protect the phone's contents. Be prepared to provide a copy of your police report if you are reporting your phone stolen.

Can I keep my MSU mobile device(s) if I am no longer employed by the University?
Yes! Users may request to purchase their MSU mobile devices(s) once they have retired or separated from the university on good terms. Requests should be submitted to for processing.