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Office of Human Resources

Tuition Waiver

Tuition Waiver Overview

Full-time regular faculty/staff/retirees and/or their dependents enrolled at a University System of Maryland or reciprocal institution (St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Morgan State University, and Baltimore City Community College) are eligible for tuition waiver benefits of eight (8) credit hours per semester. Tuition waiver benefits with no credit limit for their legally married spouse or eligible dependent child(ren) are available after two years of regular full-time employment within the USM. Part-time regular faculty/staff/retirees may receive tuition waiver.

Full-time contractual employees are eligible for tuition waiver for courses taken at Morgan only, proportional to their percentage of service up to eight (8) credit hours. There is no spouse/dependent tuition waiver benefit for full-time contractual employees employees.

Tuition Waiver is a waiver of only tuition for credited courses; all non-tuition expenses are the responsibility of the student.

Normally, no adjustment in regular working hours will be permitted. In exceptional instances, however, a supervisor, with the written approval of the Vice President of the Division in which the employee works, may arrange such an adjustment. 

Tuition Waiver Process

Once a student has registered for classes, the appropriate tuition remission form must be completed. 

MSU Tuition Remission Form (Regular)

  • For regular MSU employees or dependents studying at MSU

MSU Tuition Remission Form (Full-time Contractual)

  • For full-time contractual employees MSU employees

USM Tuition Remission Form

  • For Morgan employees attending a USM institution 
  • For USM employees or their dependents attending Morgan 

Once the form has been submitted, it will be processed by HR and sent to the Bursar's office where the tuition amount covered by the waiver program will be removed from the balance on the student's account.  

Eligibility & Restrictions

Full-Time Regular Employees, subject to certain restrictions, may have up to eight (8) credits per semester of tuition remitted at any institution in the System or reciprocal institution and receive tuition remission with no credit limit for spouses and dependent children after two years of service.

Spouses and Dependent Children of Regular Employees hired before 08/7/2012, subject to certain age and other restrictions, may:

  • receive tuition remission for eight (8) credit hours at both the undergraduate and graduate level;
  • register for courses at any of the institutions of the University System of Maryland.

Part-Time Regular Employees working 50% or more, and subject to certain restrictions, may receive tuition remission for credits proportional to percentage of service (full-time equivalent status), up to eight (8) credits, at any institution in the System.

Regular and Part-Time Employees hired on or after 08/7/2012, spouses, and dependent children are not eligible for graduate tuition waivers. Grandchildren are not eligible for either undergraduate or graduate tuition waivers.

Part-time contractual employess are not eligible for tuition remission.