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Department of English & Language Arts

English & Language Arts Undergraduate Program

English & Language Arts Majors

Twenty-first-century careers require twenty-first-century problem solvers.

The Department of English & Language Arts offers it's majors the writing, speaking and critical thinking skills that top employers seek, while developing their understanding and appreciation for the English, American and African-American literary traditions the have influenced so much of the culture around us.

We're not just training future workers, we're developing critical thinkers who will be tomorrow's leaders. We're not just training effective writers, we're supporting students who are building their intellectual toolkit so they can shape tomorrow's stories.

The Major

The English major is recommended for students interested in a variety of professions that require a knowledge of language, writing, literature and human values. The program for the English major encourages the student to focus on the area best suited for his or her chosen profession: publishing, diplomacy, journalism, law, teaching, creative writing, and advanced professional writing such as film and television writing and technical writing.

A major in English doesn't limit career choices, it opens door. Today's top employers want students from majors in the humanities for their ability to think, write and research. Students interested in fields outside of those listed above will find many classes that develop these sorts of skills.

English Tracks

Students may pursue one of the following tracks:
• Creative Writing
• Literature and Language 


The major in English requires a total of 54-60 credits, depending on the student's choice of track.  The 33-credit CORE sequence includes courses in English, American, and African American literature, along with courses in literary criticism and the history of the English language. A six-credit foreign language sequence completes the core course program.

College-wide Requirements: In addition to meeting the requirements in General Education and in the major, students must also complete six (6) credits in the Liberal Arts Core required of all majors in the College of Liberal Arts. Options for satisfying this requirement are outlined under the section on the College of Liberal Arts. Also, in order to qualify for graduation, students must pass the Senior Departmental Comprehensive Examination with a score of 70 or higher; must have taken two thirds of their junior- and senior-level requirements in the major at Morgan (unless granted prior written permission by the Chair to take courses elsewhere); and must have earned a cumulative average of 2.0 or better and a major average of 2.0 or better, with no outstanding grades below "C" in the major (which includes all courses required for the major, including foreign language courses )

Freshman English Requirement: The Freshman English Program consists of two consecutive semesters of study of composition and research: ENGL 101-102 or 111-112. The level or section of ENGL 101 and ENGL 102 or ENGL 111 and ENGL 112 at which a student enrolls in the program is determined by placement testing. In ENGL 101 and ENGL 102, one level of classes meets three hours a week, while at the other level classes meet for five hours a week. In order to pass courses in the Freshman English Program, students must earn grades of "C" or higher.

Humanities Requirement: All English majors must complete either HUMA 201 or 202 (or one of the Honors sections, HUMA 211 or 212) as part of their General Education Requirements. The prerequisite for enrollment in the Humanities Program is completion of ENGL 101-102 or 111-112.

For full requirements and a list of courses needed for the major, please see the most recent catalog.

The Minor

The minor in English is designed to allow students in other majors to enhance their skills in writing, reading and critical thinking in order to strengthen their career preparation and marketability.

Looking at a career in science? Maybe you're an entrepreneur or eager to shine in a corporate setting. Either way, a minor in English will enhance your writing and critical thinking abilities-skills desired in today's competitive job market. A student in any major who minors in English will find that his or her ability to critically analyze trends and problems, to read closely and write effectively, make them the sort of candidate top employers are seeking.