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Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program

The Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program (WGS) at Morgan State University is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of faculty dedicated to exploring and improving the lives and living conditions of women in the United States and in the global community. Both in the classroom and through their research, WGS faculty investigate cultural, social, economic, and psychological issues important in and to the lives of women, especially women of color.

Faculty offer various critical approaches and disciplinary specialties to explore gender and sexuality, paying particular attention to how those constructs are affected by race, religion, class, and nationality.

The larger goal is to teach students to think critically about how cultures construct and police gender and sexuality, and to recognize the consequences - both empowering and restrictive - of gender roles in our own urban environment and in communities around the world.

Through critical and collegial collaboration, the program conducts meaningful research and produce significant arguments that will alleviate oppression and facilitate intercultural and cross-cultural communication about gender and sexuality.

Housed in the James H. Gilliam, Jr. College of Liberal Arts the College of Liberal Arts the program engages the local community through community outreach initiatives and colloquiums on topics important to men and women. It seeks to empower the community, students, faculty and staff to become positive agents of change wherever people are oppressed based on gender or sexuality.